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Window Film Care and Cleaning

Posted on May 2, 2013 at 10:51 AM
Drying time:

Your new window film will take about 3 to 5 days to fully dry, sometimes a lot longer depending on film brand, type, and weather conditions. Until this time your tinted windows may appear hazy or lumpy, and it may seem to have water bubbles. Do not roll your tinted windows down until dry!

Window film may be cleaned with a soft clean cloth and alcohol based cleaner or plain water. Ammonia products should not be used. 

Black dotted edges
Most cars have a black ceramic 'frit' edge on the rear window. Sometimes this ceramic edge is straight and flat, sometimes it will have a dotted edge. These black ceramic dots are quite thick on most cars and prevent the window film from sticking to the area between the dots. This results in a whitish looking strip trimming the glass. Typically this isn't very noticeable, however some cars have a wide band of dots trimming the top of the rear window. This area is so wide that the whitish looking area created is more pronounced. Unfortunately, the effect is unavoidable. 

Seat Belt Chips
Caution should be used when releasing seat belts. Small chips can be made in the window film due to the seat belt hitting the glass as it is released, THIS IS NOT COVERED BY WARRANTY. 

Though we strive for perfection in our installations, due to the nature of the product, some degree of dust contamination and or minor imperfections are present in every window film application, also pre-existing flaws or scratches and metal deposits on the glass are often much more noticeable after the windows are tinted. 

Small silvery looking spots or 'metal rubs' on some windows are usually found in station wagons or other utility vehicles, and are caused by a metallic object (such as a baby stroller handle) rubbing against the inner surface of the glass during travel. This rubbing deposits metal onto the glass creating a silver or gray stain. Usually these these metal rubs aren't very noticeable and often aren't noticed until the windows become tinted.

Night Time Defogger Distortion
At night you may notice that the light from headlights will reflect off of the defogger lines. This is caused by the film having to bend slightly around the raised defogger line, it varies from car to car, and there is nothing that can be done about it.

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